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Adventist Youth
  Young people learning and sharing - Saturdays 1 hour before sunset
  Children and Youth is the life blood of CrossWalk Fellowship. Older Adventist youth, Pathfinders and Adventurers find a place to make their voices heard and develop their God given potential through music, drama, ...
Family Life
  We believe in looking after the whole family - the immediate, extended and church family.
  The mind, body and spirit need to be nurtured and fed. As a church, we play together, study together, cook and eat together, and provide health services and programs to members and the community alike...
Inreach Services
  Women, children, men’s and prayer ministries; Sabbath school, community services, religious liberty, personal and prison ministries comprise our in-reach services.
Music Ministry
  We desire to be a church that is relevant to our community. Community members are invited to join us for a wealth of free activities. From annual events - Easter Pageant, Community Guest days, Harvest...
Pastoral Care
  Pastoral Care: Counselling, stewardship, program coordination, music coordination, church maintenance, treasury, and administrative services are all necessary to make a fellowship such as CrossW...
Study Groups
  Study Groups We study God’s word together Saturdays at 11:40 a.m.
Young Adults


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