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March 2018

PATHFINDER BIBLE BOWL - Congratulations to Crosswalk Pathfinders for earning  1st Place for the entire Texas Conference at the 2018 Pathfinder Bible Bowl recently in Fort Worth. Their hard work paid off again!  Now they will compete in Keene, TX  March 24th against other Pathfinder clubs at the Union Level. Please pray for them as they continue to study God's Word. Thank you to Pastor Ruben Albarran, Viara Levterov, Betthy Bolanos, and Pathfinder parents for their continued coaching and mentoring of the Pathfinders. We are so proud of all of you! GO CROSSWALK PATHFINDERS!

CROSSWALK MINISTRY PRESENTATIONS - We are so happy you're here as we continue to present the vision for 2018 for the different ministries at Crosswalk.  During this month we want to introduce you to each of our active ministries, their leaders, what their ministry involves and opportunities for you to get involved. This is a great time to choose how you can be part of our Crosswalk 2018 Ministry & Outreach Plan. Join us as we go alongside God’s vision to make an impacting difference to our communities during 2018. Check the Crosswalk Ministries Handout.  Use the volunteer Form in your bulletin or on our website and sign up to help or lead a ministry.

LOOKING FOR A GROUP CLASS TO JOIN? – Consider joining the new class that will help you learn how to answer the questions “why are you a Christian?” and be able to share with confidence why should anyone place their faith in Jesus Christ by using reasons, science and other sources of evidence.  Starts April 7 at 11:40AM – 12:45PM during our Study Group time.

2018 BIBLIODYSSEY - It's that time of year again for BIBLE BOWL!!  April 7 at 5:30-8:00 p.m.  Explore Biblical stories of kings, queens and court intrigue. Discover tales of heroes, fame and fortune, danger and much more!! We want to have at least 3 adult and 3 kids teams from Crosswalk and hope to get another 3 teams from other churches to compete  These teams will compete against the team of Crosswalk Pathfinders!  Please register using the sign-up sheet in the lobby TODAY, and start studying the books of Daniel and Esther.  Then take just a moment longer after sign-up for a no-cost portrait to add to the Bible Bowl slideshow.

CROSSWALK PATHFINDERS - The Texas Pathfinder Camporee is coming soon - Easter Weekend March 29-April 1st!!  OSHKOSH 2019!! Remember to bring your registration fee this Sabbath for Oshkosh.  We need to buy tickets as soon as possible. If you have any questions, contact Betthy Bolanos.214-633-3880  

START A LIFE GROUP on your house.  Would you be willing to open your house for a group that meets with the purpose to help people connect with God and with each other through praying together, studying the Bible and having fun social time.  Would you like to bring your acquaintances who are just starting their walk with Jesus to a safe, friendly and welcoming environment to learn more about God? If you are interested to host or lead a group, write to, send a test to 214-8388321 or contact Pastor Boyan.

13TH SABBATH - Do you remember "Mission Spotlight" and 13th Sabbath Projects every quarter of the year?  Good news!!!  We want to make this mission focused idea alive again.  If you haven't donated to these special projects in a long time or ever, now is the time to start!  Please consider giving to missions, as these projects help thousands of people come to know Jesus. The special projects this quarter are in the Inter-American Division.  So whether you want to support a project in Puerto Rico, Trinidad or Mexico, please give liberally! can give to 13th Sabbath Projects anytime during the quarter!

KENYA PROJECT – as part of our Mission Abroad Program we have also chosen the Kenyan Project for Abandoned children.  The first phase of the construction project is getting close to completion with the help of all of our generous donors. Some changes for safety were made by adding a wall and a gate to the school property.  We need to raise $11,600 more to complete the project and furnish the buildings with beds, desks, etc. For more information on this, go to or contact Joab Ngero at 682-667-0898 for specific ways you can help.  Use the offering envelope or give on-line via the Giving link on our web site.  

KROGER COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER – If you shop regularly at Kroger you can enroll your Kroger Rewards Card to our Crosswalk Children’s Ministries Account and help all our youth and children’s ministries clubs raise money for their yearly activities.  Please talk to Krista or Krystle for instructions on how to enroll.

ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER VOLUNTEERS - Our web team is looking for two volunteers who are willing to help out once a month with preparing our weekly electronic newsletter "CROSSWALK NEWS".  If you are interested, please write to: or talk to Vivien Tucker.

Please submit all your announcements by writing to or calling 214-709-3338 by Tuesday 7:00 p.m.

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