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While the aftermath of the flooding of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma continues to wreak havoc along the Gulf Coast and Florida, here are some direct ways Crosswalk Fellowship encourages you to help the disaster response efforts:

1) Donate Money
Give via our Crosswalk Website. On the home page, click "Link to Online Giving" below the "Give a gift" graphic. Under "Local Church," select "More Offering Categories..." then check the  “Special Project” box. 100% of your donation will go to assist families in need, create care bags or clean-up kits (see below).
2) Donate to Texas Adventist Community services
Our own Texas Adventist Community Services is running a Major Assistant Center near by Rockport, TX.  To give, go to the home page, scroll through the main banner photos for the Hurricane Harvey photo. Click the "Find out more" button. Finally, click the donate button under the Hurricane Harvey Donations story. You can also use the Give link at the top of the home page to give via Adventist Giving ( which allows 100% donation with no processing fees;
3) Create a clean-up kit that includes household cleaners, sponges, rubber gloves, and other cleaning essentials to fill a 5 gallon bucket. This will help as people try to clean and disinfect their flooded homes after the water recedes. People on the ground are telling us that the stores in the Houston area are having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for cleaning supplies and disinfectants. The 5 Gallon Clean up buckets are some of the most needed help we can send right now. For a list of items to fill a 5-gallon bucket, go here and find Clean-Up Kits:
4) Purchase items for personal care to fill a 1 gallon Ziploc bag: (2-in-1 shampoo, bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, wipes, body lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and face/hand towel).  Be sure the Ziploc bag is labeled Child, Man or Woman. We send these directly to our local churches that are functioning as aid centers for the community
5) Clothing for all ages. Each of the bags need to be labeled Child, Man or Woman.
6) Volunteer for 2-5 days in the Houston area to help families clean up their houses.

7) Above all keep praying for God’s protection as these people try to rebuild their lives and homes.



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