Government leaders are asking citizens to avoid crowds so we can limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. As Christians we are always looking and praying for ways to proactively help the community regardless of how big, small, or unique it may seem. Therefore, we are closing our church doors this Saturday (3.14.2020).

However, I do hope you let Crosswalk Fellowship encourage you in the comfort of your home. Watch our YouTube channel: as I share a timely message live Saturday March 14th at 10:05 am. There will be a question and answer time following the message. So, please start texting your questions to: 214-552-5676.

Many have inquired about tithes, offerings, and financial support towards our building fund. Thank you for generously helping others and supporting the ongoing mission of sharing the love of God! The easiest way to financially support the ongoing ministry of Jesus can be found at In the upper right corner is the Online Giving link. Clicking it will reveal 4 different ways you can make electronic transactions for tithes, offerings and our building fund.

In the current climate of precaution, for your convenience, here is a little reminder on the importance of good personal hygiene with simple steps you can follow.

The coronavirus has reminded us that everyone is vulnerable in this broken world. Life is full of painful surprises. We need to make sure we are in a loving, balanced relationship with Jesus and help others have the same privilege. Jesus is very clear in Matthew 24:4-14 that this is not the end of the world.

So please do not panic or be misled (Philippians 4:6-7). Make sure that your love for God and people does not grow cold in tense times like these. Use this opportunity to show the love of Christ by patiently, peacefully, and kindly helping others. With the help of each other and the power of God, we will make it through this difficult time.


Pastor Marc